November 16, 2016: San Adreas Damage Warning, Wetlands Avoid Storm Loss and an Insurance-Backed Rebuilding Boom After Alberta Wildfire

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Public Health Officials See Flu Pandemic As Greatest Disease Threat

WSJ (sub may be required)

Leading public health officials said that a worldwide influenza pandemic threatening millions of people is the greatest international infectious-disease threat they can envision.

Climate Study Explores Link Between Arctic Warming and Extreme Weather

Scientists have begun work on a major new study to explore how the warming Arctic climate could be influencing the weather in Britain and beyond.

During Sandy, Wetlands Averted US $625-Million in Damages

Hakai Magazine

A new analysis confirms the protective role played by wetlands.

Oil-Rich Texas takes Closer Look at Earthquakes


Neighboring shale-rich Oklahoma recorded more than a dozen small quakes in the past week.

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Report: Major Quake in San Andreas Fault Could be Twice as Damaging as Previously Thought

Press Enterprise

A newly released analysis from CoreLogic reveals that a major earthquake along the San Andreas fault could damage twice as many homes as previously thought.

Sydney Homeowners Face Properties Being Reduced in Value Because of Climate Change

Sydney Morning Herald

“You can build a house which is insurable tomorrow, but is wholly unsuitable 30 years down the track”

Optimism Emerges Among Reinsurance CEOs

Royal Gazette

CEOs on the panel said they were pleased with the progress in the rate environment — which may have reached a bottom.

Wildfire Rebuilding to Boost Alberta Growth, Jobs in 2017 – Report


The insurance industry will be responsible for covering the brunt of that cost with the industry estimating claims at C$3.6 billion.

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