November 24, 2016: Athene's Big IPO Plan, the Age,Flu Survival Link and London Calling ILS as it Brexits

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

How Your Birth Year Could Affect Your Ability to Survive a Flu Epidemic

Contagion Live

The differences in age distribution associated with outbreaks of H5N1 and H7N9 subtypes has perplexed scientists.

Hurricane Otto Nears the Coasts of Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Washington Post

The country’s National Meteorological Institute noted that a hurricane had never made landfall in Costa Rica since record-keeping began.

Chill Out, No One Can Predict Earthquakes—Including Japan


Longer term forecasting is probably impossible.

Small and Young Businesses Are Especially Vulnerable to Extreme Weather

Harvard Business Review

These threats change the risk management calculus of firms hoping to succeed in a more turbulent world.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Fracking-Related Earthquakes Raise Questions for Insurance Regulators

Bloomberg BNA

Considering buying earthquake insurance? Maybe you shouldn’t unless you also have a seismology degree.

AS2016: Insurance Linked Securities Tax Framework Under Review

CCH Daily

The Chancellor has announced the Treasury is consulting on a new regulatory and tax framework for the insurance linked securities business.

Apollo Global’s Athene Plans to List Shares in December

Wall Street Journal (sub may be required)

IPO could raise $1 billion, valuing fixed-annuity provider at more than $7 billion.

Accessibility, Capacity Concerns Curtail Islamic Insurance: Survey


Demand for Islamic insurance (takaful) products is strong yet accessibility and capacity are among the most pressing issues facing the sector.

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