November 29, 2016: Apollo, Athene Ties Questioned, Modelling Epidemic Connections and Gimme Some Yield

Chris Westfall
Chris Westfall

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Hacking Epidemics in a Hyper-Connected World

NYU Tandon School of Engineering

A research collaboration is upending the traditional modeling process, yielding predictions that are both simpler to calculate and more attuned to a hyper-connected world.

Flood Spending Decisions ‘Perverse’, Green Alliance Says


England spends nearly four times more on activities that may cause flooding than it invests to combat flooding, the Green Alliance think tank has said.

Groundwater Helium Level Could Signal Potential Risk of Earthquake

Japanese researchers have revealed a relationship between helium levels in groundwater and the amount of stress exerted on inner rock layers of the earth.

Under Trump, Will NASA’s Space Science Include Planet Earth?


Media coverage so far has focused on the prospect of the Trump administration killing off NASA’s research on climate change, but the issues are much broader.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

As Apollo’s Cash Cow Plans IPO, Questions Linger on Ties


Apollo counts Athene as one of its top holdings and reaps hundreds of millions of dollars in annual fees for helping to manage the insurer’s investments.

Hunt for Yield Pushes More Investors Into Riskier Assets

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Pension funds and insurers have increasingly embraced alternative investments.

China Calls for More Cooperation on Insurer Solvency Standards

China Daily

China is open to sharing experiences and cooperating with Asian countries on solvency regulation.

Tower Insurance Plans to Split Canterbury Earthquake Claims Into Separate Company

It hopes the move could improving its falling share-price, but said it would serve the interests of both policyholders and shareholders.