November 4, 2016: India Plans Regional Catastrophe Facility, AIG Can't Impress and US Candidate Face All the Wrong Risks

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Risk Experts: Candidates Not Focusing on Biggest Threats


The Associated Press asked 21 risk experts to analyze the presidential campaign and list what they consider the five biggest threats to the world.

Vortex-Southeast Tornado Research Project Gears Up for Second Year

Researchers will again head for Alabama next spring to study tornadoes for a major research project.

Winters in the US and Britain Have Been Horrendous Lately, and Researchers Finally Think They Know Why

Business Insider

Research found that the recent pattern of cold winter was mainly caused by changes to the positioning of jet streams.

An Early Warning System for Landslide Danger


Advances in satellite imaging, mapping, and rainfall estimations have made it possible to implement a regional real-time assessment of landslide hazard threats across Central America.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Need Comprehensive Mechanism for Disaster Management: Modi

Hindu Business Line

India will work with other partner countries and stakeholders to build a coalition or centre for promoting disaster resilient infrastructure in the region

AIG’s Turnaround Hits a Pothole but Stays on the Road

WSJ (sub may be required)

AIG’s ssurances of underwriting progress are drawing increased skepticism from Wall Street analysts after another disappointing quarter.

Buffett-Backed Insurer Keeps Getting Sued Over Complex Products


Applied Underwriters continues to find itself in legal trouble.

Talbot Underwriting Launches Consortium for NBCR Terrorism

Press Release

The facility will allow brokers to fully bind through one underwriter, with Talbot as the lead member.

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