October 31, 2016: Italy Quake Risk Intensifies, Managing Catastrophe Fund Investment and Hurricane Forecasting Since Sandy

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Powerful Earthquake Hits an Already Rattled Italy

New York Times

An earthquake, believed to be the strongest to hit Italy since 1980, struck the center of the country on Sunday.

Prone to Earthquakes and Volcano Eruptions, Should Italy Prepare for ‘The Big One’?

Daily Beast

A series of devastating earthquakes have killed hundreds and destroyed scores of towns and villages. But it may only get worse.

Hurricane Coming? You’d Better Believe It This Time

The Guardian

Thanks to computing power, forecasters can track events such as Hurricane Sandy with pinpoint accuracy.

6 Ways New York City is Preparing for the Next Superstorm Sandy

Business Insider

Damage caused by future storms will be exacerbated by sea level rise — estimates suggest that by 2050, Sandy-sized storms could flood nearly 25% of New York City.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Managing for Short and Long Horizons

Pensions & Investments

Last year a leader that oversees the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund challenged the hurricane fund’s conservative allocation and low return.

Inga Beale of Lloyd’s: Brexit means “very, very difficult times ahead”

Australian Financial Review

Business is not going to hang around waiting for the [UK] government to spell out what their vision is for their negotiating position.

President of Lloyd’s Japan Talks About Solutions for Specialist Business Risks

Japan Today

Iain Ferguson argues the insurance industry emerged from the financial crisis relatively unscathed, change is still afoot in the industry, not least for Japanese firms.

Blockchain is Empowering the Future of Insurance


The embers of innovation are beginning to char the massive $1.2 trillion underbelly of the largest industry in the world.

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