September 22, 2016: Blocking and Swapping Catastrophes, Models Going Rogue and Lloyd's Reveals Plan B

Chris Westfall
Chris Westfall

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Models ‘Totally Failed’ on Tropical Depression Karl, Storm Specialist Says

Sun Sentinel 

“Global models have totally failed so far in forecasting the upper-level winds surrounding Karl.”

At the Height of Hurricane Season, the Tropical Atlantic Ocean is Sleepy

Washington Post

The tropical Atlantic Ocean, usually buzzing with storms at this point in September, looks more like it should in June, when hurricane season is just starting.

Rogue Algorithms’ and the Dark Side of Big Data


Mathematical models are supposed to be neutral, But former Wall Street quant Cathy O’Neil believes that they are quite the opposite.

Efforts to Stop or Disrupt Hurricanes

Florida Today

The National Hurricane Center has thought about ways that man could impact tropical cyclones, according to their website.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

India’s Biggest IPO in Six Years Shows That Its Insurance Industry is Poised for a Take-Off


The IPO’s success and the HDFC-Max merger clearly indicate a change in the industry, with firms scrambling to grab segments of the uninsured population.

Lloyd’s of London Considers Setting Up EU Subsidiary


Insurance market Lloyd’s of London is working on “contingency plans” to ensure it can trade across Europe when the UK leaves the EU.

Symbiont Showcases Blockchain Catastrophe Swaps to Insurance Execs


The next time a tornado obliterates large swaths of land and property, Symbiont’s newly unveiled catastrophe swaps blockchain platform could help speed up how quickly the victims get paid out.

Increasing Interest in Using Malta for Securitisation Transactions


The Securitisation Cell Companies framework can be adopted for the structuring of reinsurance special purpose vehicles.