September 23, 2014

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Disruption is Needed After Disasters

Hindu Business Line

Natural calamities can rupture the socio-economic status quo, as an anthropologist discovers in Gujarat.

Portland Will Still Be Cool, but Anchorage May Be the Place to Be


On a warmer planet, which cities will be safest?

€5m Scheme to Protect Road and Rail Links From Extreme Weather

Irish Independent

Irish engineers are to lead a €5m research project to examine the impacts of extreme weather events on transport and energy infrastructure.

Mapping Could Help Stop Ebola’s Spread

Directions Magazine

Whether it’s the Black Death of 1350 or the Ebola virus in West Africa, one thing deadly pandemics have in common is that their progress takes a geographical course.

Predicting Above Normal Wildfire Activity in Southern Europe as a Function of Meteorological Drought

Environmental Research Letters

Long lead time forecasts of wildfire are feasible in southern Europe, which could potentially aid decision-makers in the design of strategies for forest management.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Pension Funds Tender Corporate Bond, ILS Mandates with IPE-Quest

Investment & Pensions Europe

A Swiss pension fund is looking for a manager to oversee an $250 million insurance-linked securities portfolio.

Rising China Risk Excites Lloyds of London

Finance Asia

Lloyds estimates that China is underinsured by about $80 billion a year in premiums.

African Countries to Issue More than $1 Billion in Climate Change Bonds

CPI Financial

African states will announce African Risk Capacity (ARC) Extreme Climate Facility, a multi-year funding mechanism that will issue climate change catastrophe bonds, in an attempt to access private capital to fund climate change adaption on the continent.

Ottawa May Spread Oil-by-Rail Insurance Burden, Mulls Special Fund

Globe & Mail 

The Canadian government is looking at extending the insurance burden for crude-by-rail disasters beyond just railways and is weighing the idea of a special fund similar to one once set up for maritime oil spills.

To Get People to Buy Insurance, Change How You Talk About Risk


The Napa Valley earthquake in August offered another instance of a well-known phenomenon: Homeowners are radically underinsured against natural disasters.

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