September 26, 2014

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

The Department of Homeland Security Is Not Prepared for a Pandemic

The Atlantic

Though the flu is a bigger threat than terrorism, the DHS is approaching it with a mix of ineptness and cynicism.

Japan Working with South Africa to Reduce Risks in Deep-Level Mines

Mining Weekly

Possessing underground mines and experiencing extreme seismicity mean that Japan’s experience is relevant to South Africa.

CubeSat Craze Could Create Space Debris Catastrophe

New Scientist

The mini-satellites craze could cause catastrophic collisions with larger craft, threatening to produce orbiting blizzards of space debris like those in the movie Gravity.

Alaska Hit by 6.2 Earthquake

USA Today

At 64 miles, the quake was quite deep, minimizing aftershocks and potential damage, a seismologist said.

Tornado Season Peak Now Occurs Earlier in Spring

Scientific American

The peak of the season in Tornado Alley in the U.S. has shifted seven days earlier in the past six decades.


Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Governments to Buy ‘Top Up Insurance’ for Natural Disasters

Business Insurance (Australia)

States and territory governments should be given the option of purchasing ‘top-up insurance’ under recommendations made by the Australian Government’s independent research body the Productivity Commission.

BOE Chief Says Insurers Must Design ‘Appropriate’ Risk Models

WSJ (Sub may be required)

Bank of England Gov. Mark Carney on Thursday warned insurance companies that they must design “appropriate” risk models for themselves or face being hit by harsher rules.

Longevity Swaps Set to Flourish in Wake of BT Deal

Financial Director

Following BT’s record-breaking deal, longevity swaps are set to flourish as money markets show keen interest.

How Moody’s Is Cashing In on Regulation

Institutional Investor

Moody’s CEO Ray McDaniel has broadened the company’s business  to profit from the increased focus on risk management in the wake of the financial crisis.

Florida Insurer to Defease $418M in Tax-Exempts

The Bond Buyer

Growth in Florida’s property insurance market will allow the Citizens Property Insurance Corp. to defease $418 million in debt, and terminate an assessment on policies securing the debt two years early.

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