September 27, 2016: Typhoon Strikes Taiwan, China Pushes Insurers and Zombie Hackers

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Another Typhoon Hits Taiwan

The Atlantic

This is the third major storm system to make landfall on the island in two weeks.

More Than 100 Earthquakes Hit Salton Sea Amid Quake Swarm

LA Times

More than 100 small earthquakes — including three of a magnitude greater than 4 — struck the region.

Fast-Moving Atlantic Wave Could Become Storm Today

Miami Herald 

A fast-moving tropical wave continued to pick up steam overnight and could become a depression or Tropical Storm Matthew as soon as Tuesday.

Lessons From Zombie Warfare Can Help Us Beat Hackers at Their Own Game


In fighting the cyber-zombie apocalypse, we don’t necessarily need to do anything as theatrical as sever the heads of our attackers.”

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Making Insurers Transparent

China Daily

China’s insurance regulator is strengthening norms to prevent insurers from turning into financing platforms of their major shareholders.

P&C Insurer Trials Blockchain for Catastrophe Coverage


One of Japan’s largest property insurers is co-developing a prototype blockchain system for insurance derivatives.

Anbang and the Art of the Deal

Bloomberg View

Anbang Insurance, ever heard of them? Very big, very impressive, do a lot of insurance business in China. And their founder Wu Xiaohui, he’s doing some massive deals.

Boat Services Introduces Catastrophe Insurance Offering

CPI Financial

Boat signed agreement with Lloyd’s of London and 10 managing agents to provide access to catastrophe models via the Oasis Loss Modelling Framework.

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