September 30, 2014

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

New U.S. Weather Tool Promises More Warning of Disasters


Neighborhoods about to be hit by tornadoes and pilots heading into turbulence will get more warning from the National Weather Service starting today.

Growing, and Growing Vulnerable

New York Times

Barrier islands are feeling the effects of climate change.

Many Volcano Victims Likely Pummeled by Lava Bombs

Asahi Shimbun

Near craters, lava bombs can fall at speeds of 720 kph, so even a fist-sized rock can be lethal.

New Report Finds Human-Caused Climate Change Increased Severity of 2013 Heat Waves in Asia, Europe and Australia


Of the five heat waves studied in the report, human-caused climate change-primarily through the burning of fossil fuels-was found to have clearly increased the severity and likelihood of those events.

Fiber Optics Provide Early Warning for Landslides


Fiber optic sensors could warn people of imminent landslides, potentially saving lives and reducing destruction.


Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Should P&C Insurers Be Afraid Of Climate Change?


While climate change is a major social issue, in this article we will focus strictly on assessing the potential implications for the property-casualty insurance industry.

Direct Approach Pays Off for World Bank’s Cat Bond 


The world bank is considering other options and markets in developing is catastrophe insurance initiatives.

Pay for Death-Bet Middlemen Fuels Risk, Conning Says


Middlemen who help investors bet on life insurance contracts lack incentive to make sure the arrangements are profitable for the buyers, according to a company that monitors the industry.

AIG Was Broke

The Aleph Blog

There’s a significant problem when you are a supremely big and connected financial institution: your failure will have an impact on the financial system as a whole.

Eurasian JV to Launch Nine UCITS in Asia Push

Asian Investor

One offering includes a global insurance catastrophe bond fund.

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