September 7, 2016: Asia's Growing Typhoon Risk, Singapore Will Take from London and Geologists Work on Oklahoma's Quake Puzzle

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Asian Typhoons Becoming More Intense, Study Finds

The Guardian

Giant storms that wreak havoc across China, Japan, Korea and the Philippines have grown 50% stronger in the past 40 years due to warming seas.

Geologist Sees Clues, and Further Dangers, in Puzzle of Oklahoma’s Earthquakes

New York Times

Scientists and regulators agree that earthquakes like the 5.6-magnitude tremor that struck Oklahoma on Saturday have been spurred by the disposal of millions of tons of wastewater.

Forecasting Ocean ‘Weather’

A new modeling system incorporates ocean circulation, wave and atmospheric data from weather stations, satellites and buoys in the Atlantic.

Hurricane Newton Weakens Over Baja California

WSJ (sub may be required)

Storm forecast to make second landfall in northwest Mexico on Wednesday with little change in strength.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Scor Targets 7% Annual Premium Growth Over Next Three Years


Scor has “significant growth potential” despite a challenging and uncertain environment for interest rates and global economic growth.

Watch Out London, Singapore is Next in Line as Best Financial Hub


Singapore is next in line if London loses its status as leading business hub in the world.

How the Canterbury Earthquakes Have Seen Our Largest General Insurer Reduce Its Tax Bill in NZ Through its Company in Tax-Friendly Singapore

A large chunk of the reinsurance IAG has received for the Canterbury earthquakes has passed through its Singaporean company, IAG Re Singapore.

Ratings Agencies See Lower Reinsurance Prices in 2017


Reinsurance premiums are likely to continue to fall next year following years of weaker prices due to competition in the sector and a lack of natural catastrophe losses.

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