September 9, 2016: Louisiana Floods Link to Climate, Willis Settles Stanford Suit and Better Building After 9/11

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Climate Change Increased Chances of Record Rains in Louisiana by at Least 40 Percent

Princeton University

Given the range in the results, it is likely that climate change approximately doubled the odds of this event.

So Many US Trees Have Died That Some Scientists Want to Burn Them Instead of Coal

Denver Post

A recent study researchers do the math on whether it would make sense to use the timber in existing coal plants, which can be “co-fired” with wood.

How Building Design Changed After 9/11

The Conversation

Higher ductility could reduce the chance of progressive collapse and it’s a common concern when building in earthquake-prone areas.

Can Cuomo’s $23 Million Weather Detection System Predict the Next Sandy?


The $23 million network, called a “meson” is already partially up and running, but it is not clear the network can predict approaching storms any better than the National Weather Service already does.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Insurance Broker Willis in $120 Million Settlement on Stanford Ponzi Scheme


The settlement, in which Willis denied wrongdoing, require court approval.

City of London Needs Brexit Timetable Certainty, Aviva CEO Says


The U.K. government needs to provide the finance industry with more certainty about when it will trigger Brexit, Wilson argues.

Hermine Claims May Reach $500 Million, Insurance Analysis Suggests

Florida Politics

Insured losses from Hurricane Hermine could amount to $500 million, but the industry could absorb the hit.

Enhancing Africa’s Capacity for Climate Risk Response

Ventures Africa

Because of her very limited capacity for crisis response, Africa is especially vulnerable to climate disasters.

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