Typhoon Nanmadol Cuts Through Philippines, Eyes Taiwan

Typhoon Nanmadol cut a path of a destruction through the Philippines causing an estimated PHP955 million ($22.5 million) in damages as it makes its way into the industrial hub of Taiwan.

The storm was reaching the Taiwan coast with maximum sustained winds of 35 meters per-second with gusts up to 45 meters per second, according to the Taiwan Central Weather Bureau. Typhoon warnings were issued for Taipei and Keelung.

Losses in the Philippines were primarily agricultural, with the country’s National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council reporting PhP940,272,827 ($22 million) in crop destruction. The remaining losses were divided between infrastructure costs of PhP14.75 million ($347,500) and lost school building PhP800,000 ($18,000), according to the NDRMC.

Particular hard hit during the storm was the Philippine province of Luzon, which experienced 10mm to 20mm of rainfall per minute. At least five children were killed in the Pangaisian province and the northern city of Baguio following landslides caused by the heavy rains, according to the China Post.

Catastrophe risk modeling firm EQECAT expects Nanmodol to cause less than $200 million in insurable damage to the Philippines.

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