January 20, 2016: Uncle Carl Turns Up the Heat on AIG, Zurich Slumps and a New Indian Quake Model Push

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Shillong Gets State of the Art Research Centre to Generate Model for Earthquake Predictions

Times of India

The focus of research would be on deciphering the pre- and co-seismic signatures in various atmospheric regions.

30-year Climate Models Help Predict Future Bushfire Threats

Scientific Computing

Murdoch University scientists are working on a model to help predict future bushfire threats in the region.

Has The World Learned The Wrong Lessons From The Ebola Outbreak?


Some scientists believe the end of the wide-scale epidemic marks the beginning of recurrent small groups of cases for months and potentially years.

Insurance Industry ‘Will Drag Cyber-Security Into the Light’

SC Magazine

A nee survey calls for regulation and the insurance industry to require organisations to share data on security breaches to promote deeper investigations.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Icahn Adds Pressure on A.I.G. to Make Major Changes


Icahn again urged AIG to sell, spin off or separate operations to tailor it as a so-called pure play — or highly focused — property and casualty insurer.

Zurich Plunges as General Insurance Faces Second Quarterly Loss


The operating loss for the division will probably be about $100 million for the fourth quarter after the company paid out an estimated $275 million to cover claims from storms in the U.K and Ireland.

Prudential’s Dividend Promise Survives New Capital Rules

WSJ (sub may be required)

Investors have been waiting nervously for U.K. insurers to give details on a complex new capital regime: Prudential Group has bought some relief.

Insurer Caution to Slow Oil Tanker Market’s Return to Iran


Foreign oil tanker owners are expected to make a slow return to Iran despite the lifting of many sanctions as insurers tread carefully.

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