January 15, 2016: Making the Extreme Weather, Climate Link and Real Estate Focuses on Catastrophe Frequency

Chris Westfall
Chris Westfall

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Q&A: How Scientists Link Extreme Weather to Climate Change

Carbon Brief

A look at the research a discussion with experts on the science behind attributing extreme weather events to human-caused climate change.

Ebola Death in Sierra Leone Follows Report of Outbreak’s End

New York Times

Just one day after the World Health Organization declared the end to the biggest outbreak of Ebola, a body in Sierra Leone had tested positive for the virus.

Training Scenarios for Complicated, Simultaneous Disasters and Interference


A Japanese research project developed an evaluation platform that validates the disaster tolerance and fault tolerance of wide-area distribution systems consisting of multiple computers on a network.

Massive East River Storm Barrier Will Also Be A Cool New Park

Time Out New York

A proposal is moving forward for what’s essentially one long storm-resistant park running from Battery Park to 23rd Street. It’s name is the East Side Coastal Resiliency Project, or more colloquially, the Dryline.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Managing the Risk of a Big Event in Real Estate Getting Bigger

National Real Estate Investor

In the real estate industry companies are not only planning for a Black Swan event, but for more frequent and costly natural catastrophe events to occur.

Summer Natural Catastrophe Losses Pass $500m

Australian Financial Review

Insurance losses from a string of natural catastrophes across Australia over the first half of summer have passed the half-a-billion dollar mark.

State-Run Insurer Citizens Plans Some Insurance Rate Reductions

The Advocate

“The biggest driver … is the reduction in the cost of reinsurance.”

Water Loss Claims Changing the Math for Citizens

Sun Sentinel

A rise in South Florida rates is directly linked to an alarming spike in non-catastrophic losses, especially water loss claims.