July 25, 2016: Defending Hedge Fund Reinsurers, Sweating Corn and Choking on Dust

Chris Westfall
Chris Westfall

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Craig Venter’s Latest Production

MIT Technology News

With more data, a pioneer of gene sequencing hopes to unlock the connections between DNA and illness.

Dust is Third-Deadliest Weather Hazard in Arizona


The number of deaths might be higher if researchers could quantify the correlation between episodes of blowing dust and deaths from valley fever or respiratory failure.

Flooding in Northern China Kills Scores

New York Times

Large portions of China have been inundated with heavy rain this summer.

Why ‘Corn Sweat’ Will Turbo-Charge This Week’s Heat Wave


In the past decade or so it’s become clear that the sea of corn in the Upper Midwest can modify the near-surface air mass.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Hedge Fund Reinsurers Face Criticism, But Is It Warranted?


An industry pro argues attacks on hedge fund reinsurers regarding their tax structure miss the point that tax is only a tertiary or fourth level benefit. .

Flood Claims Show China Poorly Underinsured for Disasters

South China Morning Post

Insurance claims for damage from recent heavy rains just 1 billion yuan.

MAS Proposals Widen Investment Scope for Singapore Insurers


Insurance companies in Singapore will face less onerous restrictions to invest in bonds and equities under new rules .

Lloyds-Linked Insurer Wants Irish Licence to Ensure Access to EU

Irish Times

The move to seek a licence here would pre-empt any risk of losing the automatic right to ‘passport’ services into the rest of the EU following a Brexit split.