July 28, 2016: Schroders' to Leverage ILS, Turning Hurricanes Up to Six and Shadow Insurers

Chris Westfall
Chris Westfall

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

The Weather Service Just Took a Critical First Step in Creating a new U.S. Forecasting Model

Washington Post

Within three years, the United States will be running a new global forecasting model.

Is a Category 6 Hurricane Possible?


Scientists ran hurricane models within six different global climate models, and the results were mind-boggling.

Earthquake Clues From Ancient Temples in the Himalayas

New York Times

By analyzing broken bricks and cracked walls and comparing that data with historical accounts of natural disasters, the researchers linked the earthquakes with damage in the ancient structures.

Supercomputer to Forecast Monsoon with Dynamical Model

The Hindu

Next year, India’s annual summer monsoon forecast may be made by a supercomputer running a dynamical model.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Nervous Insurers Step Back From Fire Risk of La Cañada Hillside Homes

LA Times

Some large insurers have put a hold on writing new policies to manage their growth and exposure to risk in certain areas.

Data Scientists, Asia and Private Assets: Harrison Sets out Schroders’ Plans

eFinancial News

Schroder’s CEO wants to grow its North American and Asian businesses and to build on recent forays into private assets, including insurance-linked securities.

Insurance Companies Have Joined the Ranks of Shadow Banks


Some of the biggest U.S. insurers are seeking higher returns in direct lending when buying bonds sometimes means guaranteed losses.

Natural Cover

Hindu Business Line

A Swiss Re executive argues catastrophe risk transfer into insurance markets should be considered by both the Centre and State governments in India.