July 7, 2016: Typhoon's Frightening Perfection, Builders Thwart Catastrophe Defense and Reinsurance Carcasses

Chris Westfall
Chris Westfall

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Super Typhoon Nepartak is an Example of Terrifying Meteorological Perfection


It is as close to a textbook case of an intense typhoon as one typically sees in any season, or even multiple seasons.

Fort McMurray Wildfire Now Considered Under Control


Fire detected May 1 forced mass evacuation of city before consuming 589,552 hectares of forest lands.

Those Summer Nights Are No Longer a Refuge From Extreme Heat


It’s going to be so hot in Texas and across the southern Great Plains that when the sun goes down, the temperature won’t.

Assessing the Global Impacts of Climate and Extreme Weather on Health and Well-Being

Met Office

Adverse weather and climate conditions exacerbate some of the most significant health challenges including disease, air pollution and food production.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Inside the Lobby Against Tougher Homes

Bloomberg View

As climate change leaves Americans exposed to more extreme weather, homebuilders are blocking efforts to develop new building codes.

NY Regulator to Adopt New Way to Calculate Life Insurance Reserves


U.S. state insurance regulators have been phasing out inflexible formulas for calculating insurers’ reserves.

Hedge Fund Insurers Risk Becoming Roadside Carcasses, S&P Says


Hedge fund firms that set up reinsurance companies will struggle because too many rivals had the same idea and investment results have been disappointing.

Strengthening the UK’s Flood Insurance Partnership in the Face of Rising Risks: What Role for Property Developers?

London School of Economics 

How can Flood Re be strengthened?