June 29, 2016: Weather Models Need Better Algos, Loeb Gives Himself a Break and Solvencyexit  

Chris Westfall
Chris Westfall

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Novel Architectures on the Far Horizon for Weather Prediction

The Next Platform

For weather modeling centers there is a great deal of leg work on the code front in particular to scale to the potential of computing power.

European and Asian Scientists Take to the Sea to Fathom the ‘2012 Great Earthquake’


Singaporean, French and Indonesian scientists will be heading into the Indian Ocean in July to investigate the cause of the largest intraplate earthquake ever recorded in an ocean.

Disease Detection Platform Maps Zika Fast — with Surprising Accuracy


Epidemico automatically aggregates more than 200,000 data sources and uses algorithms to tag, filter, analyze, validate and map real-time surveillance of emerging public health threats.

UN Agencies to Meet on El Niño’s ‘Devastating Impact’ in Central America’s Dry Corridor

UN News

The El Niño climate event is devastating Central America’s so-called Dry Corridor, where one of the worst droughts in decades has left 3.5 million people food insecure.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Loeb Hedge Fund Lowers Fees for Slumping Third Point Reinsurer


The arrangement has been profitable for the money manager even as investors in the reinsurer’s stock have suffered.

Insurer Adds Terrorism to Musicians’ Coverage

WSJ (sub may be required)

ProSight to start covering cost of rescheduling shows if they are interrupted or canceled due to terrorism.

Brexit Will Allow Insurers to Escape ‘Absolutely Dreadful’ EU Regulation, Claims Former Civil Service Chief

The Telegraph

Lord Turnbull, described the regulatory framework, known as Solvency II, as “absolutely dreadful”.

New Reinsurer Alesia Re Domiciles in Cayman

Cayman Compass

The segregated portfolio company will focus on reinsuring large blocks of pension risk transfer group annuity contracts and other low convexity and long-duration annuity business.