May 24, 2016: Insurers' Hedge Fund Love Gone and Wildfires Are a People Problem

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Atlantic Hurricane Season Could Be More Active than Normal – Braun


The Atlantic Ocean could be gearing up for an active hurricane season.

What an Earthquake Does to a Building, Visualized

Popular Mechanics 

An experiment gave the USGS a real-time look at quake forces.

WHO’s Stern Warning: The World ‘Is Not Prepared To Cope’ With Pandemics


“For infectious diseases, you cannot trust the past when planning for the future.”

Population Trumps Climate and Carbon in Shaping the Future of Wildfires


Future pattern of population growth, not climate change, is likely to be the dominant factor in determining whether the amount of land burned by fires increases or decreases this century.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Citizens Insurance: Board to Vote on $204 Million Offshore Spending

Palm Beach Post

Last year Citizens said it spent about $283 million on offshore reinsurance.

Auto Insurers to Avoid Crashing in a Driverless Future

Institutional Investor

The future of the auto insurance industry is not as dire as some analysts think.

Can Startups Disrupt the $20 Billion Cyber Insurance Market?


As large insurance underwriters try to grapple with cyber insurance, newcomers aim to disrupt this ecosystem.

Insurance Industry Is Falling Out of Love With Hedge Funds


Insurers have had about enough of hedge funds.

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