November 14, 2016: New Zealand's Tectonic Risk and Argo Hedges with Ariel

Chris Westfall
Chris Westfall

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Double Tectonic Shifts May Have Teamed in New Zealand Quake – Experts


The powerful earthquake that struck New Zealand was unusual in that a big event on one fault may have immediately triggered a big event on a second fault.

New Zealand’s Latest Earthquake Could Trigger a Mega-Quake

New Scientist 

here are fears the underground stress could set off even bigger tremors nearby.

When You Were Born Predicts Your Odds if Flu Pandemic Strikes

South China Morning Post

We are not blank slates with regard to how susceptible we are to emerging strains of flu virus, researchers have discovered.

South Australian Storms Included Seven Tornadoes, Bureau of Meteorology Says

The Guardian

Treasurer says report concludes tornadoes destroyed transmission lines in the north of South Australia, triggering the blackout.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Argo Group Announces Acquisition of Ariel Re

Press Release

“This acquisition is part of Argo Group’s strategic initiative to build scale in its London- and Bermuda-based platforms by adding complementary lines of specialty business.”

Disaster Loss Estimates Ignore Higher Cost to Poor – World Bank


atural disasters have a more devastating impact on the poor than widely thought, forcing some 26 million people into poverty each year.

Insurers Pay Record $1.5 Million in Claims for Prague Earthquake, but Overall Approvals Are Few

Tulsa World

Insurers have paid out $1.5 million in claims related to the 2011 Prague earthquake, by far the most in seismicity damages paid in Oklahoma for a single event.

RMS to Launch Flood Risk Model in India

Hindu Business Line

RMS will focus on strengthening India’s disaster preparedness and expand insurance coverage to narrow the protection gap.