December 22, 2015: Signaling Earthquakes and 2016 Insurance Predictions

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Fires Threaten Lives and Property in Four States

The Australian 

Firefighters were battling blazes in four states yesterday as Victorian residents assessed the damage from fires in the northeast and west of the state that have claimed at least 16 houses.

Extreme Weather Poses Increasing Threat to US Power Grid

ABC News

An Associated Press analysis of industry data found that severe weather is the leading cause of major outages on the nation’s power grid.

Can Electric Signals in Earth’s Atmosphere Predict Earthquakes?

Science AAAS

Some scientists think that Earth’s crust may give hints before it ruptures.

This Camel Vaccine Could Stave Off The Next Pandemic

Huffington Post

Camels are the primary host for Middle East respiratory syndrome.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Insurance Indemnity to Kogalymavia for A321 Aircraft Crashed in Egypt Exceeded $23Mln


Until now, the insurer did not name the sum of compensation citing commercial secret.

Fairfax Acquires Greece’s Eurobank Insurance Unit for $480-Million

Globe and Mail

The cash deal is in line with Eurobank’s strategy of gradually exiting from non-banking operations to focus on core banking.

Bloomberg Intelligence Predicts 2016: Finance, Insurance

Bloomberg (Video)

Bloomberg Intelligence has compiled its projections for 2016. In the first of a series, BI analysts pick key themes in the financial, regulation and insurance sectors for the new year.

In China’s Property Takeover Tussle, the Best Move Is to Wait

WSJ (sub may be required) 

Key to the battle over a Chinese property conglomerate could be Anbang Insurance Group.

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