April 11, 2016: New Data on Climate Change, Snoopy Sans Systemic and Drowning in the Tube

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

This New Data Set is Poised to Revolutionize Climate Adaptation


CHIRPS (short for “Climate Hazards Group InfraRedPrecipitation With Station data”), blends data from weather stations and weather satellites with extraordinary accuracy.

Powerful Earthquake Strikes Pakistan, India and Afghanistan

New York Times

The earthquake was centered 25 miles west of Ashkasham in a remote northeastern region of Afghanistan,

ICON Satellite to Explore Link Between Weather, Plasma at Space’s Edge

The Daily Californian

The NASA satellite will study how weather conditions in the lower atmosphere drive changes in the ionosphere.

57 Tube Stations at High Risk of Flooding, Says London Underground Report

The Guardian

Busy stations including Waterloo, King’s Cross and London Bridge among the most threatened, unpublished review states

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Beazley and Munich Re Join Up in Cyber Insurance Push

FT (sub may be required)

The move comes despite growing concern that the industry could be on the hook for enormous costs in the event of large scale attacks.

Snoopy the Destroyer

New York Times

Krugman argues that  traditional financial regulation, which focuses on deposit-taking banks, is inadequate in the modern world.

Why Investing in Insurance in EM Makes Sense

Bloomberg (video)

Leapfrog Investments Co- Founder Jim Roth discusses ethical investing in emerging markets

Was Flood Insurance a Mistake for Southern California Homeowners?

Orange County Register

The end is in sight for the rainy season, which typically runs through April and some are asking: Did all these insurance buyers make a monster mistake?

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