April 22, 2016: An Ops Risk Catastrophe Bond and 100 Year Floods Per Week

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Preparing for the Big One

The Economist 

Big earthquakes on either side of the world cause concern about building protection.

Surviving the 100-Year Flood Doesn’t Mean 99 Years of Safety


Eleven months ago, Houston had a deadly flood. This week, the city had another.

New Maps Make Aftershocks Look Scarier Than the Main Quake


Smaller temblors are no easier to predict than major quakes.

Possible Tornado Outbreak Next Week: On Pros And Cons Of Increased Lead Time


Is talking about a potential tornado outbreak a week in advance good or bad?

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Credit Suisse Said to Study Novel Bond Sale to Offload Bank Risk


The bank has approached bond investors, hedge funds and asset managers in recent months with the design for an instrument akin to catastrophe bonds that would cover operational losses.

Why This Reinsurer Looks More Reliable in Tough Times

WSJ (sub may be required)

Munich Re has more capital and less risk, which could give it the edge over rival Swiss Re.

Avoiding Catastrophe

European Pensions (direct to PDF)

Lynn Strongin Dodds explains the advantages of investing in catastrophe bonds and the overall outlook for the insurance-linked securities market in 2016.

Fannie Mae Shifts More Credit Risk to Insurers With Latest Deal

Housing Wire

Fannie Mae announced Thursday that it completed its latest effort to shift some of its credit risk away from the taxpayers and onto private insurers.

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