April 28, 2016: Protesters Focus on Buffett's Insurers, a French Quake and Europe's Securitization Stall

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Looking Back at a One-Off Attempt at Earthquake Control

Physics Today

Scientists once envisioned triggering minor earthquakes to stave off a devastating one. Today induced quakes endanger millions of Americans.

France Hit by Magnitude 5.2 Earthquake on Atlantic Coast


It was the largest to be registered on the country’s mainland in two years.

After Fanfare, Forecasters Review Talk of Storm ‘Outbreak’


Forecasters will review whether the messages they sent were appropriate for severe weather that some considered a “bust” because the tornadoes that did develop were small.

Colette Heald: There’s Something In the Air

MIT News

Chemist studies atmospheric gases and particles, and how they affect air quality and climate.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Europe’s Securitisation Industry’s Sales at Lowest for 5 Years

FT (sub may be required)

Securitisation was once a booming industry in Europe but has struggled since the financial crisis.

Protesters Have a Long History of Crashing Buffett’s Annual Party


The Nebraska Peace Foundation has called on Berkshire to disclose how climate change will affect insurance subsidiaries and plans to demonstrate outside the meeting Saturday.

Zurich Insurance Moves Into Takaful with Malaysia Buy


Europe’s fifth-biggest insurer will get a foothold in the world’s second largest Islamic insurance market.

Disasters Threaten Manila’s Economy

The Standard

Manila’s economic exposure to natural threats is the highest in the world in terms of the share in gross domestic product, according to London-based insurance specialist Lloyd’s.

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