April 7, 2016: Fintech's Impact on Insurance Gets Real, Fiji Faces a Second Cyclone and Oregon Eye Wildfire Cover Again

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Fiji Under Curfew, Assessing Damage from Second Cyclone in Weeks


A category three cyclone that passed to the south of the South Pacific island nation overnight, two months after a more powerful cyclone wreaked havoc.

‘Cold Blob’ to Be a Wild Card in the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season


The potential movement of a ‘cold blob’ of water in the North Atlantic Ocean may be the wild card in the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season, experts say.

What Zika Researchers Can Learn From the Rubella Outbreak of 1964

The Atlantic

The viruses have key similarities that may help scientists respond to a possible epidemic.

Quake Committee Will Help Bring Answers.

Star Telegram

The oldest organized research unit at the University of Texas at Austin will investigate the increased frequency of quakes using seismometers placed statewide.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Technology Transforms How Insurers Calculate Risk

New York Times

The world is a dangerous, unpredictable place — not a bad thing, perhaps, if you’re in the business of selling insurance.

Fintech Seen Risking 250,000 Jobs as Europe Insurers Cut Costs


The rush is on to replace people with software in Europe’s insurance industry as cost cutting and automation become increasingly crucial to bolstering earnings.

Record Year for M&A Insurance as Buyers Seek Protection

Financial Times (sub may be required)

Intense competition for assets has created a boom in mergers and acquisitions insurance, as nervous bidders look to give themselves an edge over rivals.

Oregon Looks at Another Year of Wildfire Insurance

The Bulletin 

Oregon can purchase another of the most unique insurance policies in the world: insurance coverage to help pay for catastrophic wildfire seasons.

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