August 10, 2016: Refocusing the London Reinsurance Market, Sizing Tsunamis, Buffett's Cash Problem

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Sizing Up the Tsunami Threat


Scientists are surveying the East Coast for signs of tsunami-generating submarine landslides.

Amber Rainstorm Signal Cancelled, But Another Storm Looms for Hong Kong in Form of Possible Typhoon

South China Morning Post

Heavy rains led to city-wide school closures and risk of flooding in some areas.

Wildfire Threatens Thousands of Homes in Southern California


A wildfire threatening homes in Southern California’s rugged San Bernardino Mountains grew to over 12 square miles Tuesday.

Asia Must Invest More in Disaster Risk Reduction: Red Cross


Asia-Pacific is the world’s most disaster-prone region according to the United Nations.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Expanding Scope for Acquisitions, Berkshire Cash Pot Grows

WSJ (sub may be required)

And one question for investors, or companies interested in selling themselves, is how much of that cash the company realistically has to spend.

AIG CEO Says Too-Big-to-Fail Exit Not Among Top Priorities


“Of all of the strategic issues that we face as a leadership team, this doesn’t even make the top 10.”

How London Market Insurers are Responding to the Perfect Storm of Challenges


Four key areas in which we are seeing reinsurers refocus capital, investment and expertise in reaction to developments in the market.

Catastrophe Bonds are Attracting More and More Investors and Reinsurers 

Les Echos (French only)

Investors are speculating more on disaster risk, which is more profitable than the conventional bond market.

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