August 8, 2016: Catastrophe Bonds Questioned, Mudslides Hit Mexico and Cascadia Warning

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Research: Cascadia Quake Could Hit Sooner Than We Thought

Oregon Public Radio

The chance of one occurring within the next 50 years is also slightly higher than previously estimated.

Mudslides Triggered by Storm Claim 40 Lives in Eastern Mexico


Images of the damage from Earl showed massive mudslides burying entire hillsides, trees felled and buildings creaking under collapsed walls and roofs.

RMS Analysis Reveals the Ten World Ports at Risk of Highest Insurance Loss Due to Catastrophe

RMS (press release)

RMS shows six of ten ports most at risk are in the U.S. with Asia-Pacific and European ports also a major concern, as insurers play a guessing game.

Met Department Plans Hyper Local Forecast to Fight City Floods

Business Standard

By 2017 monsoon, IMD would have a model to warn civic authorities about rain over a specific area to present disasters.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

The Insurance Industry Has Been Turned Upside Down by Catastrophe Bonds

WJS (sub may be required)

Investors are flocking to securities that shield the risks of hurricanes, pandemics and hackers; reinsurers are suffering.

Terror Attacks Prompt Changes in Insurance

FT (sub may be required)

Cover to change as targets shift from property to maximising casualties, says KPMG.

Cat Bonds Look Pretty Good After a Few Drinks

FT (sub may be required)

There is not really enough natural catastrophe risk around.

Junk Bond Issuers May Snub Europe Exchanges to Sidestep EU Rules


Junk-bond issuers may look overseas to avoid this burden and cost of new rules.

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