December 11, 2015: Another Billion Dollar Sandy Insurance Suit, Cat Bonds for Cities and Where in the World is Guangchang

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Global Economy Fueling More Business Interruption

The Guardian

Ever greater interconnectivity between companies means a disaster in one region can often wreak havoc in another

Twin Studies Provide First Explanations for Boundary Within Earth’s Mantle

The studies provide the first detailed look at why large-scale geologic features within the mantle behave differently on either side of the megameter divide.

Scientists Link UK Storm to Man-Made Global Warming

Financial Times (sub may be required)

The researchers looking at Storm Desmons came to their conclusions using statistical analyses of the historical temperature record and thousands of simulations of possible weather, as well as a regional climate model.

Look Beyond Hotspots to Help People Weather Climate Shocks: Study


Targeting money only at areas hit by drought and other climate extremes in an effort to build resilience among the world’s poorest may be ineffective, researchers said.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

How Cities Can Avert Financial Ruin After a Natural Disaster


As climate change leads to more and worse storms, the growing catastrophe bond market provides some reassurance.

Fosun Looks Badly Exposed as Boss Goes AWOL


Takeovers that are still half-done could fall over. And banks may become warier about financing new deals, or refinancing existing assets.

AIG CFO Exits as CEO Shakes Up Management

Crain’s New York Business

David Herzog and John Doyle, head of commercial insurance, are leaving the insurer.

NYCHA Sues Insurers Over Hurricane Sandy Money

NY Daily News

NYCHA has detailed what it says is $1.5 billion in “coverable losses,” but so far the insurers have provided a total of $242 million.

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