December 21, 2015: Another China Safety Disaster, Modeling Sox Risk and Terrorism Insurance Booms

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Overlooked Safety Risks Added to Landslide in China, Reports Say

New York Times

The Ministry of Land and Resources said the landslide that destroyed at least 33 buildings on Sunday was caused by the collapse not of a hillside but of a sodden mountain of dirt and construction debris.

Sapient Global Markets Brings Risk Management to Big Leagues

Boston Globe

The Boston-based financial firm firm can build models that help teams understand which players best fit their system.

Deaths From Disasters Double This Year as Planet Heats Up


At least 26,000 people died in heat waves, earthquakes, floods and other disasters during a year that was probably the warmest on record.

Is Nuclear War Risk Rising? Experts Say Yes


A poll of current and former military officials, international relations professors and insurance and risk specialists puts a 6.8 percent chance on a major nuclear war in the next 20 years.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Terrorism Insurance Is a Booming Business After Paris and San Bernardino


With recent attacks on soft, non-military targets, like in Paris and San Bernardino, more businesses are feeling vulnerable.

Government Merges Two State-Owned Reinsurers

Jakarta Post

The merger was expected to pave a way for the establishment of a local giant reinsurer that would be able to compete at the regional level.

Hack Attacks and Data Law Boost European Cyber Insurance Demand


New European legislation on data privacy is helping push up regional demand for cyber insurance, industry specialists say.

Yates Memo Spurs Reviews of D&O Indemnification, Insurance


The Department of Justice’s focus on individual liability for corporate crimes is spurring directors and officers to push for measures that provide them with advancement of legal fees and the maximum indemnification possible.

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