February 26, 2015: Jamaica Commits to CCRF, U.S. Plays With Pathogens and Axa Can't Fight It Forever

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Please Don’t Let An Earthquake Hit When I’m In The Shower


What would you do if you lived in a city where you faced the world’s greatest risk of dying in a catastrophic earthquake?

More to Learn After Historic Natural Disasters

ABC News

A researcher from the University of Newcastle believes the community has become ‘disempowered’ from preparing for another natural disaster.

NIH Moving Ahead With Review of Risky Virology Studies

Science AAAS

The U.S. government announced that a handful of U.S.-funded studies on risky pathogens were so dangerous that researchers should halt the work until experts could review them.

Hazard Researchers to Participate in Vulnerability, Resilience Center

Texas A&M Arch One

Scientists from 12 universities will join in a nationwide initiative aimed at helping communities prepare for and recover from natural disasters.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Jamaican Government Moves To Reduce Fiscal Exposure To Disaster

Jamaica Gleaner

Jamaica is contributing $427.5 million to the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRF) next fiscal year.

Cyberinsurance Veteran Teams With BitGo on ‘Watershed’ Insurance Policy


Bitcoin security specialist BitGo has announced a new partnership with Innovation Insurance Group and XL Group that will enable it to offer $250,000 in theft insurance to customers who opt in to the program.

Axa Can’t Fight Yield Pressure Forever

WSJ (sub may be required) 

A low investment-yield world will eventually disappoint insurance investors.

Allianz Profit Drops as Gross Exit Spurs Pimco Outflows


Net income fell to 1.22 billion euros ($1.39 billion) from 1.26 billion euros a year earlier.

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