February 3, 2015: Asia Faces Cat Risk Transfer Hurdles and Canada May Push the Earthquake Fracking Record

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Canada May Have Just Set A Fracking Earthquake World Record 


Late last month’s 4.4 magnitude earthquake in Alberta may be the largest earthquake ever to have been induced by fracking.

Is Ebola the New Powder Keg?

Foreign Policy

West Africa may finally be on the road to recovery. But the worst of the Ebola crisis may be yet to come.

The West’s Forest Fire Problem Costs More Every Year


Dangerous climate conditions are not the only thing to blame for these increasingly costly—and deadly—fires.

Researchers Link Smoke From fires to Tornado Intensity


Can smoke from fires intensify tornadoes? “Yes,” say University of Iowa researchers.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Sovereign Catastrophe Risk Transfer in Asia Faces Barriers

Risk.net (sub required)

World Bank has successfully run out programmes in the Caribbean and Mexico but so far not in peril-prone South-east Asia.

Hartford Profit Rises 22% as Policy Sales Climb Under Swift


Hartford has divested life-insurance units and is investing in coverage for homes, cars and businesses.

Africa Risk Capacity Set to Pay $25mln Drought Insurance Claim

CNBC Africa (Video)

Eight U.S. web giants have joined hands to start a public campaign for new lion how governments collect user information amid concerns of growing online surveillance.

Warren Buffett’s Insurance Operations Counters NZ Insurers’ Argument 


Are New Zealand insurers “not getting financially better off by delaying claims”?

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