December 15, 2015: Irish, India Floods Push Catastrophe Pool Questions and 2016 Black Swans

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Computational Hydraulics Lab is Advancing Hurricane Hazard Modeling to Forecast Coastal Storms

Scientific Computing

The CHL devotes time to developing high performance codes and coastal circulation models to advance hurricane hazard modeling.

Mass Evacuations Conducted as Typhoon Hits Philippines

New York Times

The country seemed better prepared for a disaster than before.

Here’s Everything That Could Go Wrong in 2016


In 2016, unexpected events will take on heightened importance as the Fed ends an era of ultra-cheap credit.

Predicting the Impact of an Auckland Eruption

A clearer understanding of the risk posed by a new volcanic eruption in Auckland has emerged from doctoral research.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Floods: Insurer Urges Fund to Help Those With No Cover

Irish Examiner

The Government has again been called on to establish a flood fund to help deal with millions of euro of losses as a result of the recent floods.

Line in the Sand for Cat Bonds

Asset Securitization Report (sub may be required)

After several years of ceding business to catastrophe bond investors, reinsurers are pushing back, offering premiums that are competitive to the yields a bond sponsor would pay.

China Property: Who Will Insurance Companies Target Next?


Despite all the property market trouble, insurance companies are attracted to developers.

After the Chennai Floods: Revisiting the Natural Catastrophe Pool

Indian Express

Chennai floods have exposed India’s financial unpreparedness against natural disasters and calls for a unified insurance coverage.

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