January 22, 2015: Texas to Get a Shakemap Jump, BP Boss Plays Katrina Card

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

As Ebola Deaths Rise, Researcher Sees Parallels with Devastating Medieval Plague

Rutgers Research News

A Rutgers historian’s study of the Black Death also sheds light on threats such as climate change.

Tropical Storm In Madagascar Kills 49


Tropical storm Chedza swept over the island nation this weekend, displacing tens of thousands of people and killing 49, the National Office for Disaster Management said.

US Geological Survey to Increase Earthquakes Risk Levels in Texas

State Impact Texas

USGS plans to update the maps for Texas (and other parts of the country) to account for an increase in man-made earthquakes.

Greenland Ice: The Warmer it Gets the Faster it Melts

Environmental Research Web

If all the ice in the Greenland Ice Sheet melts, global sea level would rise by about 24 feet.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Swiss Re: Infrastructure Investment, Insurers Good Fit


Swiss Re AG Chief Executive Officer Michel Lies called for the creation of a special infrastructure asset class to allow insurers to invest in projects such as roads and bridges.

Floridians Pay More Than Double U.S. Average

Tampa Bay Times

It’s still more expensive to buy homeowners insurance in Florida than anywhere else in the country.

Q&A with Director, International Markets, Lloyd’s

Business Standard India

Lloyd’s, the specialist insurance market, sees India as one of its priority territories.

BP Boss says Deepwater Liabilities Exceed Cost of Hurricane Katrina


The cost to BP of the Deepwater disaster could be higher than the “actual” – to use his word – cost of Hurricane Katrina.

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