January 27, 2015: Reinsurance Deal's Morning After Chill, La Nina Cooking Up Pacific Storms

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Severe La Nina Weather Events in Pacific May Double Due to Warming


Extreme “La Nina” weather events that cool the Pacific Ocean and can disrupt weather worldwide will paradoxically happen almost twice as often in a warming world.

Oregon Overdue for Earthquake 315 Years After 9.0 Event

KGW Portland

On the 315th anniversary of the last major earthquake to hit the Pacific Northwest, residents are being reminded that the area is historically due for another massive quake that could cause widespread devastation.

Cities Awake to Travel Bans as Snowfall Records Stand Untouched

The Guardian

With the north-east waking up to a little snow south of Connecticut and a lot of it to the north, a quick summary of the first major snowstorm of 2015.

What a Warming World Means for Major Snowstorms


The warmer atmosphere holds more moisture, which can mean more snow as long as temperatures remain cold enough

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

CIRC to Promote Catastrophe Insurance Policies and Build Fund

CRI English

China’s insurance regulator has outlined its priorities for the new year, saying it plans to set up a national catastrophe insurance fund.

Deals Abound for Reinsurers, Since ‘Pricing Stinks’


In the absence of a severe hurricane striking the U.S. last year, property-and-casualty insurers have instead been keeping themselves busy with a steady stream of mergers and acquisitions.

Logic for Suncorp to buy NIB: Morgan Stanley

The Australian Business Review 

Suncorp Group could improve its growth outlook, reduce capital intensity and potentially expand its valuation through the acquisition of health insurer NIB.

MetLife SIFI Complaint Raises Alarm for Large Asset Managers

Institutional Investor

The U.S. government’s decision to label the insurance giant too big to fail could cost it and other non-bank financial institutions.

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