January 28, 2016: Zika Virus and the "P" Word and Uber's Insurance Wiz Kid

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Another Pandemic Is Coming Our Way


The Zika virus is too important to ignore.

U.S. Wildfire Plan Seen as Biggest Land Policy Change in Decades

The Columbian 

A decision to fight wildfires across a wide swath of sagebrush country in the Wes is turning out to be one of the most significant federal land policy changes in some 80 years scientists say.

New State Climate Office Hopes to Provide Strong Weather Data

Daily Nebraskan 

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln established a new state climate office through its Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources earlier this month.

South African Scientists Think Software and Tribal Knowledge Can Predict Drought


The software mixes modern and ancient knowledge to predict the onset of droughts.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

MetLife’s CEO Told Regulators in 2014 of Possible Breakup


The insurer had hired an investment bank to determine “how bad does it get” if MetLife were designated as systemically important institution.

A Short History of Life Settlements

All About Alpha

Doug Himmel of Melville Capital and Adam Meltzer of Vida Capita discuss the life settlement industry.

Insurers Hoping Government Mutual Killed Off

Australian Financial Review

Australia’s insurance industry is hoping the Turnbull government will back away from plans to establish a government mutual to help cope with high premiums from natural disasters in Northern Australia.

Meet The Guy Who Solved Uber’s Insurance Problem

Buzz Feed

Gus Fuldner had no insurance background when he joined the ride-hailing company two years ago. His secret? An unusually high tolerance for fine print.

Securing Tomorrow: The Ripple Effect of Insurance-Linked Securities in the Reinsurance Market

Deloitte (direct to PDF)

A new report details why Insurance-linked securities are key for insurers and reinsurers to thrive.

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