January 5, 2017: Rethinking The Climate-Insurance Cycle and Wildfires Threaten the California Dream

How climate change could counterintuitively feed winter storms
Washington Post
The far harder question is how climate change will alter the experience of winter itself. It will — it already has.

Using the adaptive cycle in climate-risk insurance to design resilient futures
Nature (sub may be required)
Assessing the dynamics of resilience could help insurers and governments reduce the costs of climate-risk insurance schemes and secure future insurability in the face of an increase in extreme events.

2017 Set a Record for Losses From Natural Disasters. It Could Get Worse.
New York Times
The United States made up an unusually high share of global insured losses last year — about 50 percent, compared with just over 30 percent on average.

Tech can’t prevent the next ‘bomb cyclone,’ but it can help businesses survive it

Innovations like “digital twins,” predictive analytics and blockchain can help companies prepare for and react to severe weather events.

Wildfires Threaten to Make Home Insurance Unaffordable
More frequent and intense wildfires are making it harder for homeowners to find and keep insurance in California, a state regulator warned Thursday.


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