July 15, 2016: P/C Investments Scrape the Bottom, Florida Insurance Regulator Pushes Back and Don't Worry, the Hurricanes are Coming 

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Where Are the Hurricanes?

New York Times

So where are the powerful hurricanes? They’re coming.

Can States Stop Man-Made Earthquakes?

Stateline, Pew Research

Scientists and state regulators are gradually getting closer to pinpointing the cause of the startling increase in earthquakes in the Central and Eastern U.S., and preventing them.

Odds Lower for Hurricane-Sparking La Nina


U.S. forecasters now say it’s a little less likely that this year will see a weather-roiling La Nina that could dry up crops in Brazil and trigger more Atlantic hurricanes.

These Disaster Machines Could Help Humanity Prepare for Cataclysms


Descriptions of these disaster labs are often couched in superlatives: the biggest, the longest, the most powerful.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Sinking Yields Drag Investment Income to 12-Year Low at Insurers


U.S. property-casualty insurers’ quarterly investment income dropped to the lowest since 2004 as falling bond yields pressured the industry.

Portfolio Diversification Benefits of Insurance-Linked Securities

CFA Institute (direct to video)

Laura Taylor of Nephila Capital defines insurance-linked securities and how this zero-beta, virtually uncorrelated asset class performs against traditional and alternative asset classes during market crises.

Barents Re Shows How There is Still Growth in Reinsurance for Agile Players

European CEO

Those reinsurance firms that stayed true to their principles and key markets during the last financial crisis are now best-placed to take advantage of the subsequent market conditions.

A Consumer-Friendly Insurance Commissioner?

Sun Sentinel

The new commissioner as appealed a court ruling in favor  of State Farm and forced Heritage Property & Casualty to withdraw its request for a statewide 14.9 percent increase.

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