July 20, 2016: Florida Quake Just a Bomb, Hacking Cars and Heat Streak Continues

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

How Zika Breaks Into the Brain

The Atlantic

The virus may rely on particular receptors to infect neural stem cells—but scientists still have more questions than answers.

It Wasn’t an Earthquake. It Was 10,000 Pounds of Explosives

Miami Herald

It turns out the 3.7 magnitude Florida earthquake recorded on Saturday was actually something else: a 10,000-pound explosive charge

First Half of 2016 Blows Away Temperature Records

Scientific American

Heat drops after El Niño but remains at record global highs.

Shedding Light on Mysteries of Deep

Royal Gazette

The  XL Catlin Deep Ocean Survey sets to create a new standardised methodology to be used by marine biologists for measuring physical, chemical and biological indicators of the deep ocean.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Cybersecurity Is Biggest Risk of Autonomous Cars, Survey Finds

Bloomberg Technology

Munich Re found that 55 percent of corporate risk managers surveyed named cybersecurity as their top concern about self-driving cars

Insurers Need 4-5 Years for Risk Control

Shanghai Daily

Only a third of insurance companies have set up a sound risk management system that can analyze risks and exercise stress tests to help in making corporate decisions.

Verisk to Acquire Greentech Media for Expansion in Energy Data


Verisk has been diversifying beyond insurance analytics since its initial public offering in 2009.

Changing Nature of Terrorism Harbors New Risks


The interconnectedness of economic, social and political risks has created a new type of vulnerability in the world.

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