June 15, 2016: Too Big Ships, Too Big Risks, Debating Extreme Weather and Cash Hoarder Cover

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Disasters Debated

Scientific American 

Scientists grapple over the extent to which humans are making extreme weather worse.

Block the Sun to Curb Global Warming?


What about all the CO2 already in the air? Suck it out. And if that doesn’t work? A risky emergency fix based on reflective particles.

Why Is an Insurance Company Giving a University Millions for Computer Science?

Philanthropy Today

MassMutual Foundation’s $15 million commitment to education and research in computer and data science  is being presented as a public-private partnership.

East Coast from Queensland to Tasmania Facing ‘Severe Weather’ Risk, Bureau Says

Sydney Morning Herald

Meteorological models are picking up the prospect of another east coast low forming off eastern Australia.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Allianz Bets on Blockchain for Catastrophe Bond Trading


Europe’s biggest insurer worked with Bermuda-based investment manager to test distributed ledger technology  in a natural catastrophe swap transaction.

Ships Have Gotten Too Big

Bloomberg View

Today’s largest container vessels can cost $200 million and carry many thousands of containers — potentially creating $1 billion in concentrated, floating risk.

Risky Business? City Divided on Impact of Brexit

The Guardian

“It is one of the few industries where London is in the lead globally,” Lloyd’s Nelson says of reinsurance.

Insurers Protect German Banks Hoarding Billions in Cash


Europe’s top insurers are selling protection to German banks that hoard billions of euros of cash in vaults to avoid paying a penalty by parking it at the European Central Bank.

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