June 6, 2016: French, Australian Insurers Tally Damage and Prepping the the Cascadia Worst Case 

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Cascadia Rising Doomsday Earthquake Drill to Include U.S., B.C.


The exercise will test how agencies work together when a mega-quake rips along the Cascadia Subduction Zone and unleashes a killer tsunami.

Tropical Storm Colin Threatens Florida, Southeastern U.S.


The storm, expected to hit Florida’s Gulf Coast by Monday afternoon, began drenching parts of the southeastern United States on Sunday.

Fort McMurray Wildfire ‘Most Likely Human Caused,’ Alberta Senior Wildfire Manager Says

Globe and Mail

The fire was probably the result of human action–a broad category that includes everything from careless ATV drivers to issues with power lines.

Goodbye Carbon Footprint? New Climate Risk Tools Take Shape

Institutional Investor

German Insurers Allianz and other players have developed a new model that seeks to better reflect companies’ adaption of emission rules.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

French Insurers Meet to Assess Worst Floods in 30 Years


The French insurance-industry association AFA estimated the costs may reach 600 million euros ($682 million) on June 3

Worst-Case Scenario: Vancouver Oil Disaster Could Cost $6 billion

The Columbian

Insurance expert testifies to EFSEC that no policy could cover those costs.

Insurance Claims From Storms Hit $38 Million

Sydney Morning Herald

Customers in NSW and Queensland have made 11,150 insurance claims over damage caused by the heavy rainfall, storms and flooding.

The Innovative Finance Revolution

Foreign Affairs

A new model has emerged with collaborations among the private sector, nonprofit organizations, and governments resulting in innovative new approaches to disaster response.

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