June 9, 2016: Modeling Water Weakness, Wildfire Claims Decried and Distinguishing Derechos

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Derecho Science: The Debate About What a Derecho Is and What it Isn’t

Washington Post

The basic, scientific criteria used to identify and categorize these violent storms remains embroiled in debate.

Computing Told Us How Close We Came to a Global Pandemic of a Drug-Resistant Flu

The Conversation

Mathematical and computational biologists have developed new models that describe the process of infection within a human host.

APEC: Climate Prediction Tool to Help Mitigate Damage of Extreme Weather


The Multi-Model Ensemble forecasts temperature and rainfall patterns for up to three months.

This Quiz Will Teach You About the Natural Hazards Near You

Business Insider

The quiz series aims to raise awareness of natural hazards, including hurricanes, wildfires, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Insurance Companies, Cities Work to Shore Up Weaknesses in Water Infrastructure

Globe and Mail (sub may be required)

Canadian cities are testing a new statistics-based risk modelling tool that will help them identify weaknesses in their water infrastructure as flood risks increase.

State Flags Insurer’s Proposed Assignment of Benefits Restrictions

Sun Sentinel 

Heritage Property & Casualty put itself in the middle of an ongoing battle between insurers and repair contractors in Florida.

The Long-Term Costs of the Sydney Storms Will Outweigh the $100m Damage Bill

Sydney Morning Herald

The long-term social costs of a disaster outweigh the immediate financial costs.

Canada Fire Victims Feel Insurance Squeeze Amid Clean Up


The insurance claims process is already deepening a sense of misery for many homeowners and businesspeople starting to rebuild their live

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