March 20, 2015: Lawsky Eyes Insurance Pricing Models and the U.S. Spring Forecast is Foreboding

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Spring Weather Outlook: Drought in West, Floods in East

CBS News

The dire prediction was made Thursday as part of the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration’s Spring Outlook for April to June.

Cyclone Nathan: Premier Says Far north Queensland Has Been Spared Serious Damage

The Guardian

No injuries reported after category four storm made landfall between Cape Melville and Cape Flattery.

Should Oil Companies Be Liable for Earthquake-Related Damage?


The Oklahoma Supreme Court will soon rule on a case that could hold oil and gas companies liable for earthquake-related damage.

The Severe Challenges of Bringing Cyclone Relief to Vanuatu


Vanuatu’s recovery has only just begun.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Acts of God, Acts of Man (And Acts of Bankers)

Aberdeen Monthly Market Insight (links directly to PDF)

Esoteric markets are seeing the ‘benefit’ of this central bank largesse – perhaps one of the more interesting being global insurance,

N.Y. Regulator Studying How Car, Other Insurance Rates Are Set

WSJ (sub may be required)

Financial watchdog Benjamin Lawsky sends letter to insurers inquiring about mathematical pricing models.

UK Alternative Insurance Plan Positive, Questions Remain

Fitch Ratings

Little detail on the plans is yet available and there are many uncertainties that could affect the attractiveness of London as a domicile for ILS.

Japan Insurer Nippon Life Says May Spend $12 Bln to Buy New Assets Over 10 Years


Japan’s largest private-sector life insurer said it plans the investment drive over the next decade as it seeks to raise earnings outside its domestic insurance base

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