March 29, 2016: Catastrophe Pricing Past the Bottom, Man Made Quakes and Nephilia Looks to Break Out

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

7 Million Americans at Risk of Man-Made Earthquakes, USGS Says

Washington Post

Earthquakes are a natural hazard — except when they’re man-made.

Ocean Temps Predict U.S. Heatwaves 50 Days Out


The formation of a distinct pattern of sea surface temperatures in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean can predict an increased chance of summertime heat waves in the eastern half of the United States .

Why We Think Terrorism is Scarier Than it Really Is (And We Probably Always Will


Why do we care so much more if you are killed by a terrorist than by a drunken driver or an apolitically deranged individual with a gun?

Pollution Stifles Wind, Squelches Rain

Like a high stakes match of rock-paper-scissors, summertime pollution trumps both wind and precipitation

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

How Low is CAT Pricing?

Deconstrcuting Risk

Capital markets may not be fully appreciating the nuances of the underlying risks and simply treating catastrophe risks like other BB asset classes.

Nephila: Eyeing New Markets, New Models

Environmental Finance

Nephila Capital is raising new capital as it eyes weather hedging opportunities in renewable energy and disruption in cat risk insurance underwriting.

More Incident Data Needed for Cybersecurity Insurance

Bloomberg BNA

The cybersecurity insurance market is still in its infancy but greater availability of incident data to strengthen underwriting may encourage further carrier participation.

Insurance Commissioner Candidate Once Sued for Misleading Investors

Sun Sentinel

Jeffery Bragg was as executive vice president and chief operating officer of Insurance Management Solutions Group Inc.

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