March 31, 2016: Push Back Against Universal's Short and Modeling Asia Water Drain 

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

The Alarming Science Driving Much Higher Sea Level Projections for this Century

Washington Post

A major new study significantly increasing expectations for sea-level rise  combines with alarming recent observations.

Giant Hail Storm Prediction Getting Better


A team at the University of Oklahoma is working on using a supercomputer to develop a better understanding of severe hail storms.

Water Problems in Asia’s Future?

MIT News

A study deploys detailed modeling to show that climate change could lead to serious water shortages across a broad swath of Asia by the year 2050.

Researchers Reproduce Mechanism of Slow Earthquakes

Up until now catching lightning in a bottle has been easier than reproducing a range of earthquakes in the laboratory.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Reinsurers Fight Back Against Falling Prices

FT (sub may be required)

Reinsurers are starting to fight back against the sharp price falls that are threatening to crush their profits by refusing to take on some of the business.

Insurance Reform Group Wants SEC Probe of Hedge Fund Manager’s Comments

Sun Sentinel 

Insurance watchdog charges hedge fund manager set out to manipulate stock price with short pitch.

Avoiding Catastrophe

European Pensions (direct to PDF)

The advantages of investing in catastrophe bonds and the overall outlook for the insurance-linked securities market in 2016.

Cyber Insurance Rates Fall with Lull in Major Hacks


A lull in high-profile data breaches prompted insurers to cut cyber insurance rates for high-risk businesses such as retailers and healthcare companies.

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