March 5, 2015: Scor Will Sit It Out and Modeling the Zombie Apocalypse (Insert Zombie ILS Joke Here)

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Modelling The Zombie Apocalypse: Head for the Hills


Cities would fall quickly, suggests the “large-scale exact stochastic dynamical simulation of a zombie outbreak” from Cornell University in New York state.

El Nino Finally Here; but This 1 Is Weak, Weird and Late


A long anticipated El Nino has finally arrived. But for drought-struck California, it’s too little, too late, meteorologists say.

Google’s New Headquarters and the Threat of Sea-Level Rise

Huffington Post

Their property at the south end of San Francisco Bay is extremely vulnerable to projected sea-level rise.

UNM Researchers Take to the Skies to Assess Infrastructure Damage

University of New Mexico

Natural disasters, new technology provides project backdrop.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

French Reinsurer SCOR Rules Out Acquisitions


The CEO says SCOR already has a critical mass.

‘Extraordinary Denial Rate’ of 9 in 10 Earthquake Claims Rattles Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak

Tulsa World (sub may be required)

Doak warned against basing earthquake claim denials on assertions that the quakes were man-made.

Barriers To Entry: Insurance Firms Investing In Hedge Funds


J.P. Morgan discusses the barriers to insurance firms investing with hedge funds.

Fighting Crop Insurance Cronyism

American Conservative

The farm bill’s crop insurance measures inordinately help large industrial farms stay alive.

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