March 8, 2016: Pushing Back on Buffett's Climate Take, Rainfall Extremes Increase and Can ShakeAlert Work?

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Warning the West Coast About the Next Big Earthquake


After nearly a decade of development, the ShakeAlert system could give people in vulnerable seismic areas some critical advanced notice.

Study: Atmospheric River Storms Can Reduce Sierra Snow

Scripps Institution of Oceanography 

More likely than other storms to produce “rain-on-snow” precipitation.

Global Warming Already Driving Increases in Rainfall Extremes


Precipitation extremes are affecting even arid parts of the world, study shows.

Scientists Trace Human Influence on Extreme Weather Events Back to 1937

Sydney Morning Herald

Think global warming is a recent phenomenon? Well, climate scientists have some news for you.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Challenge to Global Insurance Rules Could Slow Overhaul


Until recently, international insurance regulation was a relatively quiet field. But since the financial crisis, that has changed.

Buffett’s Climate Certainty

FT Alphaville (sub may be required)

Climate change is a legitimate subject of inquiry for anyone who invests in or supervises an insurance company or a reinsurer.

Oklahoma Puts Limits on Oil and Gas Wells to Fight Quakes

New York Times

Residents of quake-prone areas have complained for years that private insurance was either impossible to get or that it included such high deductibles for damage that it was not worth buying.

Sinckler Wants Repeal of Disaster Fund

Nation News (Barbados)

Eight years after it was set up, and with more than $35 million in its account, Government’s Catastrophe Fund, may be pulled.

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