November 11, 2014

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

The Seismologists Accused of Manslaughter

The Atlantic

Blamed for the deaths of 300 people following a devastating 2009 earthquake, six of seven accused Italian experts now walk free.

Behold the Most Accurate Simulation of an F5 Tornado Ever


A team of researchers was finally able to create a deadly F5 tornado in a computer and keep it alive for an hour and forty minutes, providing countless insights.

The Science Behind the Brutal Beauty of Mediterranean Cyclones


On November 7, parts of the Mediterranean witnessed something not seen to often in those parts: a cyclone.

Atmospheric Researchers Develop Data Assimilation Tools Used Throughout Science

Massive amounts of data are being collected in ever-new ways. This is offering a means to test and improve existing models that had been developed over decades.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Bulk Annuity Pricing Power to ‘See-Saw’ Between UK Schemes, Insurers


The balance of power in the UK’s bulk annuity market will continue to shift between pension funds and insurers as meddling through market conditions and outside forces continues.

Concerns About Insuring Natural Disaster-Ridden Areas

Brisbane Times

The federal government risks leaving Australian households desperate for insurance in a legal lurch if they use brokers to buy cover from foreign insurers, and companies fail to pay out claims, warned one of the country’s biggest insurers.

Treasury is Accused Over Terror Fund

Times of London (sub may be required) 

A senior insurance industry executive has accused the Treasury and George Osborne of trying to extract extra funds from insurers paying into the pool.

Taking the Risk Out of Living Longer


Advances in medicine and public health have extended our lifespans. But as people live longer, retirement income adequacy becomes paramount.

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