September 19, 2016: Willis' McCann Sleeps Well, ECMFW Update Coming and China Insurers Literally Lift Regulator

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

What is New in European Climate Research?


The biggest news from the conference was that new reanalyses are soon to be released by the European Centre for Medium-ranged Weather Forecasts (ECMWF).

Facing the Change: Toronto Grapples with the Effects of Extreme Weather


Extreme weather has also hit Toronto in the form of massive storms.

Typhoon Kills 28 in China During Holiday, Leaves 15 Missing


This year’s strongest typhoon killed 28 people and left 15 others missing as it tore through the Chinese provinces of Zhejiang.

Kyushu Braces as Typhoon No. 16 Barrels Toward Landfall

Asahi Shimbun

After making landfall, the typhoon is predicted to barrel on a path through the eastern parts of of Japan.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Jim McCann, Willis Towers Watson: Will $17bn Merger Bloom?

FT (sub may  be required)

Jim McCann, who built the Nasdaq-listed delivery service from scratch, and now runs Willis, had a good sleep on the night of the UK Brexit referendum.

Rate Hikes for Citizens Insurance Approved

Florida Today

One of Florida’s largest property insurers is going to raise its rates again in the coming year.

Official Dismissed Due to Questionable Photo

Global Times

A photo shows the official being carried by two insurance company employees while walking through a muddy puddle during the Typhon Meranti disaster.

Lloyd’s Eyeing Reinsurance Licence in Malaysia

New Straits Times

Specialist insurance and reinsurance player Lloyd’s is eyeing an onshore Tier 1 reinsurance licence in Malaysia.

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