September 20, 2016: Mapping the 100 Year Solar Storm, Europe Walks Back Insurance Regs and Korea Debates Quake Plan

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Lawmakers Denounce Government Over Poor Earthquake Measures

Korea Herland

Lawmakers trade barbs over ways to deal with NK’s threats during interpellation.

Kyushu Struck by Powerful Typhoon Malakas

Japan Times

Houses and rice fields were deluged, and muddy brown floods were particularly heavy in Miyazaki Prefecture.

A 100-Year Solar Storm Could Fry Our Power Grids — These Are the Places Most at Risk

Business Insider

A new mapping effort by the USGS shows how the hazards of geomagnetic storms are not the same all over Earth.

Tropical Storm Karl Strengthens But likely to Dodge U.S. Coast

Miami Herald

Steering currents are likely to keep the storm moving in the same direction over the next two days, but then pause enough to let the storm turn north.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

EU Countries Urge Delay for New Investor Protection Rules


Most European Union states want to postpone new EU rules meant to protect investors in life insurance.

Catastrophe Modeler Estimates Louisiana flood Damage at $8.5 Billion to $11 Billion

The Advocate

AIR Worldwide is the second cat modeler to place a dollar figure on the damage.

Hurricane Hermine Seen Costing Insurers Less Than $400 Million


Hermine, the first hurricane to strike Florida since 2005, probably caused less than $400 million in insured damage, according to risk-modeling company RMS.

How to Fix Our Disaster Recovery Strategy


As disasters become more frequent, U.S. disaster recovery policies are not ready. Here’s a better plan.

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